Aquatic Baby

Our Fundemental Intent Is To Educate Humanity On Our Aquatic Nature,
To Strengthen Our Personal Vitality, The Vitality Of Our Children
And The Vitality Of Our Communities.

Interview on Dolphins, Pregnant Women and Aquatic Babies
by D W Klousie, November 2013

During a rather interesting time in the past our aquatic ancestors
spent a lot of time in the water and evolved several aquatic adaptions
Based on what we now know about these adaptions to water environments
there is an ideal way to introduce a new Human baby into our magnificent world
When a pregnant woman enters warm water, several physiological changes occur
that facilitate relaxation, pain reduction, gravity stress reduction...

Mammals of the Ocean:
The Aquatic Ape Hypothesis Set to Music (4:07 minutes)

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Waterbirth International
Dedicated to making waterbirth an available option for all women.


Ocean Born
Ocean Born: Birth as Initiation by Chris Griscom
Chris Griscom shows the birth of her son Bapu, an ocean born baby
This unique experience is documented in breathtaking photographs
and highly personalized texts on the subject of conception and birthing
Chris Griscom regards birth as a spiritual initiation and
a gateway to our multidimensional existence

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Reclaiming the Spirituality of Birth: Healing for Mothers and Babies

Questions Of Balance

May "The Divine Flow" Of This
Magical, Mystical, Spiritual, Instant "Now"
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