Plant Spirit Beings

Dedicated To The Ancient Plant Spirit Beings
That Have Evolved With Our Ancestors, As Equals, For Billions Of Years

"All Ancient And Indigenous Peoples Insisted Their Knowledge Of Plant Medicines
Came From The Plants Themselves And Not Through Trial-And-Error Experimentation
Less Well Known Is That Many Western Peoples Made This Same Assertion
There Are, In Fact, Two Modes Of Cognition Available To All Human Beings
The Brain-Based Linear And The Heart-Based Holistic."

"The Heart-Centered Mode Of Perception Can Be Exceptionally Accurate
And Detailed In Its Information Gathering Capacities If,
as Indigenous And Ancient Peoples Asserted,
The Heart's Ability As An Organ Of Perception Is Developed."
("The Secret Teachings of Plants", Stephen Harrod Buhner)

"The Best Fertilizer Is The Gardner's Footsteps"

"Everything Is Vibrantly Alive In The Same Way We Feel We Are.
Every Single Species Has Eyes With Which It Sees The World
And It Sees As Legitimate And Truer Version Of The World As What We See.
Every Species Has A Song, It's Part Of an Encyclopedia, On The Sonic Level,
In The Same Way The Seeds Are, On Another Level.
As A Species, It Has A Vast Set Of Relationships
To All The Others In It's World And To It's Ecosystem.
These Plants Are Allies To Each Other, The're Also Not Allies.
It's A Net Of Species That Are Communicating, Where Each Are Just Beads On A Net.
In These Traditions, The Spirit Resides In The Species,
And Every Species Will Speak To You In The Same Way, From The Same Source.
Take Away Your Identifying Mind And Just See The Spirits In The Plants."
(After Kathleen Harrison-McKenna
Describing The World Views Of The Indigenous Shamans
And Plant People With Whom She Was Working In The Amazon)

"There Has Been A Revolution In Plant Biology,
Scientists Are Starting To Talk Like Shamans
And Shamans Are Starting To Talk Like Scientists.
Where Previously Science Have Regarded Plants Are Inert Mechanisms,
Research Scientists Are Now Proving What Shamans Have Long Observed,
Plants Are Animated With Intelligence And Consciousness.
They Learn, Remember, Communicate And Have Intentions,
In Fact, They Do Most Of The Things We Associate With Being Human."
(After Kenny Ausubel, Bioneers CEO and Co-Founder)

Questions Of Balance

May "The Divine Flow" Of This
Magical, Mystical, Spiritual, Instant "Now"
Be The Wind In Our Sails

Nov 22, 2005 - Aug 3, 2019
D W Klousie